Pimp your Suit – Part 2

We have viewed in our previous post how to pimp your suit using a tie and the different knots that could change your appearance.

We are looking today at another accessory that can be added to your suit and tie to improve your look even further – the pocket handkerchief (also called pocket square). The pocket square is the small detail that separates the boys from the gentlemen. The pocket handkerchief is the truly stylish accessory that men have to their disposal.

One of the most important points is how to fold a pocket handkerchief. A really helpful and handy video can be found here.

Another question which needs answering before choosing your pocket square, is the question on which pocket handkerchief material to chose from. Silk pocket squares are the best as they are easily available, uniformed shaped and easy to fold. In addition to these points, they finishings are often sharp and crisp, delivering a better end result. A small article on different materials can be found here.

In addition to the material of your pocket square, the next step is the fold selection. Below are a few of the different folds that you can have:

  • The Puff-Fold: this is the simplest of all the folds, but be warned that you should leave yourself enough time to practice this fold as the end result could look lazy! A small guide can be found here.
  • The Point-Fold: A simple and elegant fold that peaks up out of your jacket. It’s the timeless classic. A guide can be found here.
  • The Square-Fold: Another classic, however this fold has the slight difference that it looks like a badly misplaced napkin, as the square peeks out the top no more than a few centimetres. You can find this fold here.
  • The Multipoint-Fold: Once you have mastered the above folds, the Multipoint-fold is by far the most eloquent and decorative pocket square fold of the four. The master guide can be seen here.

Gentlemen, which pocket square fold will you be wearing this evening?

New face of Chanel No.5 – Brad Pitt Part 2

Last night, the luxury house of Chanel has released a follow up of its new ad featuring the famous Brad Pitt. The previous ad can be viewed here in case you have missed it.

Although the voice over of the video is very similar to part I, the actual video is slightly different.

In the latest instalment the Ocean’s Eleven star, discusses how the world is a journey whilst the video shows how the same bottle haunts several women.

The second part of the journey can be seen below: