Luxury Socks: A Necessity – Part I

luxury men socks

Gentlemen and fellow followers, having written about different methods to pimp your suit (part I and part II), there is one aspect of a gentlemen’s look on which I haven’t yet touched upon – a gentleman’s sock.

In the past, socks used to be seen more as an accessory and a functional piece rather than a luxury item to display ones personality. Recently, there has been a shift and a gentlemen’s sock is being seen and used as an additional piece of one’s attire to add expression to one’s overall look.

Interestingly, this has been recognised by some of the top leaders, for example Hunter Walk from Youtube mentioned “I have been in meetings where people look down and notice my socks, and there is this universal sign, almost like a gang sign, where they nod and pull up their pant leg a little to show off their socks”. Even the top end of the teck society have recognised that “Girls notice the sock quality of men” said Matt Graves, communication director at Twitter (full article here).

men socks range

Many gentlemen are welcoming this new wave of style; socks can serve as the bridge between the luxury shoe and the classy suit. This is rule number 6 from the men’s dress code. The first step to find your sock is to choose the type of fabric you are comfortable with:

  • Luxury Wool socks: considered by most a luxurious material as it keeps your feet warm during the cold winter days and has the added benefit of keeping your feet cool in the summer. The wool sock fabric is high maintenance, when compared to others, as it requires special care when washing it.
  • Premium Cotton socks: less expensive that wool socks, cotton socks are more functional as it is easier to launder. It also holds the form of your foot well and is much cooler than wool socks, which are often preferred in summer.
  • High end Lisle socks: these socks have a superior strength and durability compared to the two previous types. This is because there is an extra twister per inch than ordinary socks. The lisle socks have two threads twisted in opposite directions to create one combined thread. A definite luxury choice.
  • Luxury Silk and Cashmere socks: the top end of the sock charter for gentlemen. These should be taken care of however due to the material these need to be laundered in cold water and dried without heat for the best longevity. Remember, you should iron your Cashmere socks whilst there are still damp to keep the look. For Silk, don’t use a steam iron as this will harm the fabric!

Gentlemen and fellow followers which luxury socks will you be wearing?