A Gentleman Summer Wear for Holiday

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


We have been busy these past weeks piecing together our gentleman summer wear for a little trip down to Spain for some well deserved rest. Apart from booking flights and scouting out the best luxury scenes, we have been thinking about which gentleman summer wear we should be bringing along with us.


The first challenge that we faced was to decide what shoes to bring along with us considering the weight baggage limit.

The boat shoe (or loafers)

 Boat Shoes, gentleman summer wear

We decided to bring along with us the “Lanvin Leather and Suede Boat Shoes” for the upcoming pool and yacht parties that we have lined up. Loafers provide the best of both worlds for your gentleman summer attire:

  • Gentleman Look: Bring out the stylish chic during evening cocktails with a pair of chinos and a nice fitted blazer
  • Summer Relaxed Look: with a simple pair of above the knee high shorts and a casual polo t-shirt


The second challenge was the summer blazer. Considering we will be going to the South of Europe, we opted for some colour, after all it’s summer!

 Summer Blazer


The “Pincord Sportcoat by Michael Bastian” was our selection this Summer 2013. The pastel colour fits well with colourful shorts and chinos to stand out in a crowded party. On the other hand, the blazer can also feature a nice pocket square to really bring out the differences in colour.


The final challenge was the selection of shorts and trousers. For the summer gentlemen shorts we opted for a selection:

 Summer Shorts, gentleman summer wear

  • Shorts, we decided to go with light blue. Together with a tan, the combination is perfect when added to a white shirt.

Chinos, gentleman summer wear

  • Chinos: a must have gentleman summer wear 2013. We are very fond of the green and red colours as the combinations are endless and considering the baggage allowance, these are two good choices.

 White trousers

  • The White Pair of Trouser: to be used sparely! A nice pair of gentlemen white trousers can really make a gentleman’s attire. Together with a grey blazer or dark navy and nice loafers, this is one of the best summer looks a fellow gentleman can have in his wardrobe.


Fellow gentlemen, which summer attires have you packed for this summer 2013?


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Gentleman Summer Attire – Part 2

Gentlemen and Fellow followers,

We have been noticing quite a few of our fellows opt for a specific Gentleman summer attire called the sockless look. This has been the case since we have been experiencing for the second time, the so called “African Heatwave” which has finally brought us some warmth to the cold capital!

For those who weren’t familiar with the term, here is a simple definition from Stefano Imbert: “simply put it is men wearing shoes without socks”. Apparently this trend started back in 2012 and in New York during the winter period.

The Gentleman's Sockless Look, Gentleman Summer Attire

Although the British Summer could be considered by some as their winter, we have been observing our fellow gentleman summer attire and we have seen several distinct categories of sockless looks which we found to be very nice.

The Classic Gentleman Look

Sockles Brown Classic Look, Gentleman Summer Attire

The simplest of looks for us gentlemen and the most impactful. A definite Gentleman summer attire to have in ones wardrobe.

A nice pair of brown shoes or chinos, sockless of course, with the trousers slightly lifted above the ankle about 5-10 cm high. You can combine this look with either a white shirt and a brown belt (my personal favourite) or a blue shirt with a blue belt, if you are looking for a more formal feel.

The Black Sockless Look

Black sockless Look, Gentleman Summer Attire

Interesting combination for this look. I came across a fellow gentlemen at a party I went to in Mayfair this weekend who was able to combine a similar style. The black moccasin with a black pair of tight jeans rolled up definitely was a winning combination in our opinion.


Gentlemen and fellow followers, with the hot weather due to “return”, which Gentleman summer attire will you be adopting? Will you be adopting the sockless look to show off to your fellows?

Do let us know your thought on this look as we have been receiving mixed feedback.

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