Thursday Gentleman Style

Gentleman Style


Gentlemen and fellow followers,

It’s Wednesday, finally the middle of the week. The clear difference between a true Gentleman and a part time Gent, is the ability to stay on part all week with his style.

In addition, with the cold weather coming back here in London, there is more and more opportunity to layer and combine different pieces for your looks!

Be creative with your Gentleman style this week fellows!

What style will you be adopting?


Feel free to share your looks with us on Twitter @Luxurymenblog

Hublot Watches in London

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


This weekend, we decided to take a cultural visit to learn more about Hublot watches. We visited the Hublot London Flagship Store in Bond Street. We wanted to learn more about the different collections that Hublot had to offer.

hublot watches


For the fellow Gentleman who wouldn’t know the brand, Hublot, was the first luxury watchmaker that combined a precious underground metal (gold) with an above ground material (rubber). From this, Hublot waches developed the “Art of Fusion”, combining exotic metals with traditional Swiss watch making practices



The store manager, a fellow gentleman, kindly took Luxurymenblog through the 3 main collections in detail:


  • The Bing Bang:


The Big Bang Collection is by far the biggest range available and holds over 130 unique and varied pieces. The “Big Bang”, introduced in November 2005 is the brand’s flagship timepiece which catapulted the brand into the most prestigious realm of watch making.


The collection combines unexpected materials including ceramic, carbon, titanium, tungsten, gold and diamonds and employ the most cutting edge technology.

Hublot Watches

Luxurymenblog’s favourite Hublot – the Big Bang Aero Bang Steel Ceramic 44mm


The Big Bang retains the original Hublot ‘porthole’ look and is available in 38mm, 41mm, 44mm, and 48mm sizes.


  • The King Power


The King Power Collection is bolder and a more striking version of the Big Bang models. The complex dials are made of several layers bringing life to the face of each watch. King Power watches are an exciting concept and at 48mm make a real statement.

Special partners of Hublot have their own designed timepieces, the latest one being of the world’s fastest man, the King Power Usain Bolt 48mm. The King Power collection uses contemporary materials including gold, ceramic, platinum and diamonds which make them stand out from the crowd of every day timepieces.

Hublot Watches

The latest King Power release – King Power Usain Bolt with only 250 pieces made



  • Classic Collection


The Hublot Classic Fusion is an evolution of the concept of the Big Bang. The art of fusion is a key principle behind the design and creation of Hublot. Classic Fusion watches feature the same technical boldness as the Big Bang collection, however with a more classical, attractive aesthetic feel to them.

Hublot Watches

The Ultra Thin Skeleton Watch by Hublot – The Classic Fusion Classico Ultra-Thin All Black 45mm


It is rare to find this type of timepiece that blends ceramic, gold, titanium, platinum and diamonds to make watches with such a stylish design. The Classic Fusion combines traditional Swiss watchmaking values with contemporary cutting edge methods.


So Gentlemen, when will you be buying your Hublot?

Luxury Holiday Barcelona

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


As our Twitter followers have seen, Luxurymenblog took a well deserved luxury holiday. We decided to go south to visit the fabulous capital of Cataluña, Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia - Luxury Holiday Barcelona

We visited the luxury parts of town which we wanted to share with you fellow Gentlemen. We spent some time in the “Paseo de Gracia”, where all the luxury shops such as Chanel and Burberry can be found.

Chanel Barcelona

During the luxury holiday Barcelona we did do our “cultural” visits of the town and for the more arty fellow gentlemen, both the “La Perdrera” and the “Casa di Batllo” by Gaudi can be found in the “Paseo de Gracia”.

 La Perdrera - Luxury Holiday Barcelona

In addition to visiting the city, we experienced the night life that the city has to offer. We had the opportunity to party in one of the best establishments during our visit before we headed north to relax on the beaches of the Costa Brava.


Luxurymenblog visited the W Hotel Barcelona, which for Gentlemen wanting to visit Barcelona is a must, the hotel can be found at the end of “Passeig de Joan de Borbo”. We experienced their Sunday Pool party, which is organised every Sunday during summer. This is where the Gentlemen of Barcelona meet up around a few cocktails and good house music.

 Luxurymenblog @ W Hotel

The view is impressive; with the sea on one side you have the sea and the other a great view of the city. In addition to the Pool party with white sofas next to pool, the party continues inside at the Eclipse Bar, located on the 26th floor. The view is breath taking.


For shopping, we spent several hours in the Roca Village situated just outside the city, where you can find all the high end brands from Ralph Lauren to Timberland, at discount prices.

 La Roca Village - Luxury Holiday Barcelona


During our luxury holiday Barcelona, we realised that to fully experience Barcelona, you would need a good week to taste the diversity of the city: from clubs, to bars and terraces offering amazing food and atmosphere.


Barcelona is definitely a city worth spending time in, Luxurymenblog will be back! It was a fantastic luxury holiday Barcelona 2013.


Gentlemen, where did your luxury holiday take you to this year? Do let us know @Luxurymenblog !


Daniel Wellington Summer Style 2013

Gentlemen and fellow followers,

Before packing our bags for the south of Europe, we were eagerly researching a new summer gentleman’s watch. We had a specific criteria, the watch had to be stylish, be a positive additional piece of our summer outfits as well as being preppy and elegant. It was a challenge! However after a few weeks of investigation, we came across Daniel Wellington’s watches. After visiting their Facebook (here) and Instagram pages (here), we really liked the look and feel of the brand.

Daniel Wellington Logo
We found the story behind Daniel Wellington very interesting. He was a man with a “colourful personality who had an inspiring ability to be gentlemanly, relaxed and unpretentious at the same time.” This fellow Gentleman used to wear his old Rolex on Nato straps which originated from the British Navy. This changed the style of the old rusty Rolex to a more modern and preppy look.

Daniel Wellington Watches Collection 2013

One of the added benefits of the Daniel Wellington watches is that the straps are interchangeable, meaning one day you can opt for a preppy look to go to the tennis courts and the next you can have a classic formal watch for that important client meeting.

Our personal favourite was the Canterbury with the silver ring colour as its fit very nicely with our summer preppy outfits. We have been using it both as a complementary piece to our outfits but also as an individual piece.

Daniel Wellington Luxurymenblog Canterbury Watch

The Summer Preppy Look 2013
: the watch goes very nicely with a pair of colourful chinos and boat shoes for any boat and pool party that we had planned in the South of Europe. Works wonders with a tan, blue chinos, navy boat shoes and a pink shirt!

Daniel Wellington Canterbury Watch

The Meeting Back to Work
: Of course the different straps that are available, are a nice addition as with one watch, you can customise the look to become more formal and classical.

Daniel Wellington Gold Classic Look
Gentlemen, Daniel Wellington has kindly offered all Luxurymenblog followers & readers an incredible and exclusive discount of 15% when quoting “luxury” at the checkout until the end of September 2013.

Gentlemen, the summer isn’t over yet, there is still time to your upgrade your summer wardrobe!