Geneva Night Out – The Java Club Geneva

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


During our recent visit to Geneva, we had the pleasure to discover Geneva’s trendiest and most glamorous place in town namely the Java Club Geneva.

Java Club Geneva

The Club is located on the “Rive Droite” of the city and underneath the luxury Kempinski hotel Geneva. Gentlemen if you are looking for a nice place to have a drink before a night out do visit the Kempinski bar as it looks out on to Lake Geneva and also has a terrace, very nice in summer time.


Java Club Geneva is one of the most sought after clubs in Geneva. Attracting the young and rich international fellows up for partying most of the week, the club has some of the best house music as regular international DJs make appearances. The atmosphere is really nice as you can still talk, relax and dance.


The Club has themed parties well known across the city, open from 11pm until 5am, Tuesday to Saturday; the Java Club has several small dance floors dotted around in between the tables.


Gentlemen if you are looking for a VIP area in Geneva, the Java Club Geneva VIP’s section can deliver a high standard of Luxury made in Switzerland. The bar staff is knowledgeable about their drinks and helpful which is rare to find in this area.


The Java Club Geneva Facebook page is a good place to start to see what is going on during the weekend or what themed event is next. Definitely worth looking at if you are planning a trip down there. You will also find all the latest pictures of the previous evenings, meaning you don’t have to hunt around the web to try and find them too.


The club is approved by Luxurymenblog standards. So Gentlemen, if you are spending a few nights in the Watch Making city of Geneva, do drop by the Java Club Geneva.

Luxurymenblog @ Hublot Headquarters

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


It’s been a busy Q3 and start to Q4. As most of you are aware, Luxurymenblog visited Geneva this past weekend for business.

Hublot Headquarters

We headed to the really nice town of Nyon to visit Hublot Headquarters and Manufacture. We previously visited the flagship store in London a while back (which you can read about here) and decided that we wanted to better understand the uniqueness of the timepieces that Hublot design and produce for us Gentlemen.


Luxurymenblog @ Hublot Headquarters

Before our visit to the Manufacture inside the Hublot Headquarters, we were explained a unique feature that Hublot has to detect replicas and protect your own timepiece from theft, the WISekey card. It is activated once the purchase is complete and is automatically entered into the database in case of theft or for re-sale.



We then were taken around the “Manufacture” where all Hublot timepieces are produced piece by piece and carefully crafted together through Swiss engineering. This is the birth of a Hublot timepiece:


  • The Birth of the movement, here the engineers and designers come together and build a case for the new movement inside the watch.
  • The Design, the designers find their creativity within the brands’ DNA as well as through the ambassadors.
  • The final stage is the prototype, where the specialist engineers build a prototype to test. Once the timepiece has been validated, the production of a limited number is started.


We experienced the final stage and were taken through all the different “ateliers” and explained that a timepiece can take up to 6 months to build depending on the complications. Also, only a single engineer will work on one timepiece from start to end to ensure the highest quality as they will know it best. Therefore each timepiece produced will be unique.


Hublot Manufacture

So Gentlemen, next time you are passing through Geneva and looking for an interesting visit, do check out the Hublot Headquarters Manufacture, it’s definitely worth the trip down the Lake!