Miansai Anchor Bracelet for Stylish Gentlemen

Gentlemen and Fellow followers,

A few weeks ago I went out clubbing in the West End of London as I usually do every other weekend. This weekend, I noticed that all the Gentlemen that were around me were wearing very similar accessories including myself, one watch and either a bangle or a customised chain on the each wrist. I wanted to stand out from my fellow gentlemen with something more classy and elegant like the Miansai Anchor Bracelet, I’ve just discovered.


This week, I visited the famous Selfridges on Oxford St. browsing the sales and I came across the Miansai Range of Anchor bracelets by Michael Saiger. I remember this brand having featured in GQ last year but it had totally slipped my mind. His jewellery line combines vintage styles and my personal favourite is the “Silver Anchor on Blue and Red Rope” which you can see below:

 Luxury Miansai Anchor Bracelet


It goes very nicely with a smart casual look or if you are planning on having a formal meeting with new clients like I had the other day, it was a great icebreaker! I do like the range as the quality of the rope is good and the actual anchor itself is of high quality silver. There are a few ways you can wear the bracelets too, I’ve tried different combinations depending on what style I was opting for:


  • Watch vs Miansai – Chilled look: you can wear a nice summer shirt, preferably light colours or white with a pair of chinos and have a watch on one wrist and the Miansai on the other. It looks casual and can work well with a pair of boat shoes.


  • Watch vs Miansai – Suited Look: when you are preparing for that important meeting and you want a little “something” to help differentiate yourself from the rest of your colleagues and get the “that’s a nice combo” look from your peers? Try pairing up your Miansai Anchor Bracelet with your suit (preferably a similar tone of colour or if you are feeling courageous go flashy but stylish).

 Luxury Miansai bracelet and suit look

  • Watch & MiansaiSupercharged look: I’ve seen a few fellow gentlemen wearing their chains and their watches on the same arm. Although I am not a big fan of this look, I have tried this with my Achor bracelet and it does work. The silver anchor offsets the black of the watch or bronze/gold.


To date, since I’ve been wearing mine, I’ve had 2 colleagues, 3 people in clubs and 2 people in bars asking me where I had bought mine as it was an unusual piece of jewlery.

Miansai by Michael Saiger

So gentlemen and fellow followers, which Miansai Anchor Bracelet for Gentlemen will you be adopting for your Spring Summer 2013?

Gentleman’s Summer Look – Part 1

Gentlemen and fellow followers,

The spring has finally come! After the bank holiday weekend and hours spent in the sun, it is time to have a look at one of my personal favourite gentleman’s accessory: the male belt.

A gentleman’s belt can enhance your look and coordinate all your accessories, from your watch, shoes and socks to your pocket square. A small summary of reasons why to wear a belt and how to wear a belt can be found here.

With the summer on its way, gentlemen and fellow followers, it is time to adapt your style to the hot season. You can put away your classic black and brown belts until the autumn and it is time to upgrade your belt to this season fashionable: Gentleman’s Woven Belt.

Male Woven Belt

The mix of cotton and leather are a nice luxury combination that can go nicely with a summer suit, a pair of jeans or chinos and can be used both for formal meetings or a relaxed night out with the fellow gentlemen.

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite luxurious gentlemen woven belts:

massimo dutti Woven belt

The Plaited Cord Belt by Massimo Dutti

The braided cotton and leather belt has a chrome buckle and one loop of leather stitching. This is an ideal belt for a white pair of chinos or jeans. You can find the belt here

Ted Baker Woven Belt

The Lastman Multicoloured Plaited Belt by Ted Baker

The trim is made from 100% leather together with a metal buckle fastening. The Ted Baker is embossed on the leather loop for those Gentlemen who like to make a point about their appearance. This belt is a nice addition to a bright pair of navy shorts or chinos for a more trendy look. More information about the belt can be found here.

Armani Woven Belt

The Woven Belt by Armani

Made in Italy, the leather is made from calf skin and textile fibres providing the belt with a luxurious look and feel when worn. The Ivory colour of the woven belt is a stylish and classy addition to a dark suit or dark pair of jeans. Alternatively it can be worn with a white pair of jeans with a blue shirt; more information can be found here.

So Gentlemen, which luxury male woven belt will you be opting for this summer 2013?

Luxury Socks: A Necessity – Part II

Luxury Socks

Gentlemen and fellow followers, with the cold weather still persisting (even though we are now officially in spring), there are still some unwritten rules that should be mentioned with regards to your luxury gentlemen socks. Previously, we touched upon the different luxury materials that you can choose from – Luxury Socks: A Necessity Part I here.

There are several core “rules” that should be considered when you are planning your outfit first thing every morning.

I) Match your colours

This does seem like a basic, however the amount of times I have been sitting on the tube or in meetings and have noticed my fellow gentlemen forgetting the number 1 rule. This is truly a shame as you would have spent a lot of time and effort working on your look and it is the small detail that can make or break your style.

“Luxury socks should compliment or contrast with your outfit, but never clash with it”

Once you understand the colours, then you can experiment. As Drakes Co-founder mentioned “Men should be stylish, not fashionable”. You can read the full article here.

II) Pairing your socks

When you buy socks, they tend to come in pairs. Yet, some of us still want to merge two families together.

Although you might think this is a good idea at 6.30am, that feeling will quickly fade away once a fellow gentlemen will notice this during the course of that very important meeting or client diner.

So gentlemen, do spend those extra 2 minutes to pair those luxury socks!

Socks swag

III) Keeping them clean

This might sound like an obvious rule but it is often forgotten or de-prioritised for more important aspects of ones attire. If the luxury sock is starting to look warn out, this is most likely the case.

Don’t hold on to a pair that is of “sentimental value”, it’s definitely not worth the look! As Mitchelli points out “socks must BE clean and the days of dyeing and darning are long gone!”

IV) Wear over the calf socks

This is a rule that has registered some interest of the past few years in the circle of gentlemen. For some, seeing the leg of a fellow is most unappealing and classy. Parisgentlemen points that, most sources agree with this statement and that the leg should never show.

The reason behind wearing your luxury socks high, is for when you sit down, your trousers on average will rise by 5-6cm, so you should make sure that your socks can cope, meaning you should have 7-8cm of sock height.

V) Sports socks are for…Sport!

Luxury socks are not sports socks, and sport socks are not luxury socks. Wear the right type of sock for each occasion. All too often you will help notice a fellow gentlemen wearing a nice pin stripped suit with white socks!

I’ve found an interesting small video produced by GQ socks experts, Adam rapoport and Jim Moore, talking about how to match socks and personalties:

Gentlemen, time to sock up!

Luxury Socks: A Necessity – Part I

luxury men socks

Gentlemen and fellow followers, having written about different methods to pimp your suit (part I and part II), there is one aspect of a gentlemen’s look on which I haven’t yet touched upon – a gentleman’s sock.

In the past, socks used to be seen more as an accessory and a functional piece rather than a luxury item to display ones personality. Recently, there has been a shift and a gentlemen’s sock is being seen and used as an additional piece of one’s attire to add expression to one’s overall look.

Interestingly, this has been recognised by some of the top leaders, for example Hunter Walk from Youtube mentioned “I have been in meetings where people look down and notice my socks, and there is this universal sign, almost like a gang sign, where they nod and pull up their pant leg a little to show off their socks”. Even the top end of the teck society have recognised that “Girls notice the sock quality of men” said Matt Graves, communication director at Twitter (full article here).

men socks range

Many gentlemen are welcoming this new wave of style; socks can serve as the bridge between the luxury shoe and the classy suit. This is rule number 6 from the men’s dress code. The first step to find your sock is to choose the type of fabric you are comfortable with:

  • Luxury Wool socks: considered by most a luxurious material as it keeps your feet warm during the cold winter days and has the added benefit of keeping your feet cool in the summer. The wool sock fabric is high maintenance, when compared to others, as it requires special care when washing it.
  • Premium Cotton socks: less expensive that wool socks, cotton socks are more functional as it is easier to launder. It also holds the form of your foot well and is much cooler than wool socks, which are often preferred in summer.
  • High end Lisle socks: these socks have a superior strength and durability compared to the two previous types. This is because there is an extra twister per inch than ordinary socks. The lisle socks have two threads twisted in opposite directions to create one combined thread. A definite luxury choice.
  • Luxury Silk and Cashmere socks: the top end of the sock charter for gentlemen. These should be taken care of however due to the material these need to be laundered in cold water and dried without heat for the best longevity. Remember, you should iron your Cashmere socks whilst there are still damp to keep the look. For Silk, don’t use a steam iron as this will harm the fabric!

Gentlemen and fellow followers which luxury socks will you be wearing?

A bit of colour for this cold day

I know it is currently -2 degrees outside and that there is a snowstorm, however we are in march and the summer will be soon upon us gentlemen!

It’s time to think about adding so colour to your look. You can already start thinking about packing your winter black and grey clothes away! An easy colour addition to your look is the use of coloured trousers. They can be worn both for casual and classy prep look if you have the right shoes to go with them. They also go nicely either with a white or blue t shirts or a white shirt.

Feel free to keep the top half quite basic and experiment with difference shoes to change the look you want to have!


Winter Classy Look – Part II


Following on from our previous post on Winter Classy Look Part I, the weather has become even colder! We discussed  the importance of choosing your luxury coat to keep you warm during these cold windy days. In addition, we looked at an accessory which will bring out your personality and add to your style, the classy scarf.

The next step to be prepared for the winter in style is to chose the right pair of classy gloves. These gloves will need to fit you and at the same time they will add to your overall look. The choice of style is important as it can make or break your look.

The Gloves

  • The Nappa Leather Gloves by Prada is a cold weather favourite. Produced from rich Italian leather finished with cashmere lining.
  • If you prefer  a more classic look but still want to keep a high feeling of luxury, the Day Glove by Mulberry. The Oak Deerskin colour  finished with subtle stitch details adds an additional touch which us Gentlemen appreciate.
  • If you’re a more practical gentlemen, then the Knit & Leather Fingerless Gloves by Ralph Lauren Black Label could be what you are looking for. The leather on the palm of the glove provides a good protection to your hands.

Another accessory that needs a lot of thought is the style of luxury winter shoe. This accessory tells a lot about you to other gentlemen you meet and can be a serious enhancement to your wardrobe and overall look.

The Winter Shoes

  • The Leather Low Boots by Dior Homme, will give away your sense of style in a classy and confident way.
  • If your looking for a winter shoe that packs some punch, the Ribbed Wool & Crust Low Boot by Dolce & Gabbana. The wool knitted top will keep your ankle warm during the ice cold morning and evenings during a night out.
  • The Authentic Vintage 6 inch Boot by Timberland is a must have for this winter. Still a classic winter shoe. The Timberland boot is a gentlemen must have if you’re planning a trip skiing.

Gentlemen, what winter luxury style will you be going for this weekend?

Winter Classy Look – Part I


We are now in November, the cold is swiftly coming to town. Which means that it’s that time of the year when you need to pack your summer waistcoats and bring out your winter gear.

The first important step to be prepared for the cold is choosing a winter coat, that keeps you warm but also shows off your style. The choice of material and style can make or break what you are wearing underneath.

The Coat

  • The elegant Wool Tailored Coat by Burburry is a good choice. The slim fit allows you to keep your elegance and style whilst the wool will keep you warm during the windy and cold days.
  • The luxurious men’s coat by Maison Martin Margiela. The tweed fabric of the coat will keep the heat in whilst the wool will be keeping the cold out.
  • If you prefer a more classic but stylish look, the Double Breasted Coat by Armani Collezioni, is the right choice.

After choosing the coat, there are several required accessories to bring your style to life. This includes choosing your luxury scarf that can show off your personality. The scarf is an undervalued garment, as it can be discrete and warm to fit the cold weather. Alternatively it can be used to show off your personality with vibrant colours and patterns.

The Scarf

  • The Crinkled Check Scarf by Burburry is one of their most famous pieces. Made from luxury cashmere this scarf will give you the edge and add a contemporary polish to your leather jacket or jumper.
  • The Black & White Silk Scarf by Black. The luxury reversible scarf is a great addition to your suit or tuxedo on a night out.
  • A different style, the Cartiglio Print Silk Carré scarf by Gucci. Blue and beige, handmade 100% silk scarf, a neat little addition to your overall attire.

Gentlemen, what style will you be opting for this week?

Pimp your Suit – Part 2

We have viewed in our previous post how to pimp your suit using a tie and the different knots that could change your appearance.

We are looking today at another accessory that can be added to your suit and tie to improve your look even further – the pocket handkerchief (also called pocket square). The pocket square is the small detail that separates the boys from the gentlemen. The pocket handkerchief is the truly stylish accessory that men have to their disposal.

One of the most important points is how to fold a pocket handkerchief. A really helpful and handy video can be found here.

Another question which needs answering before choosing your pocket square, is the question on which pocket handkerchief material to chose from. Silk pocket squares are the best as they are easily available, uniformed shaped and easy to fold. In addition to these points, they finishings are often sharp and crisp, delivering a better end result. A small article on different materials can be found here.

In addition to the material of your pocket square, the next step is the fold selection. Below are a few of the different folds that you can have:

  • The Puff-Fold: this is the simplest of all the folds, but be warned that you should leave yourself enough time to practice this fold as the end result could look lazy! A small guide can be found here.
  • The Point-Fold: A simple and elegant fold that peaks up out of your jacket. It’s the timeless classic. A guide can be found here.
  • The Square-Fold: Another classic, however this fold has the slight difference that it looks like a badly misplaced napkin, as the square peeks out the top no more than a few centimetres. You can find this fold here.
  • The Multipoint-Fold: Once you have mastered the above folds, the Multipoint-fold is by far the most eloquent and decorative pocket square fold of the four. The master guide can be seen here.

Gentlemen, which pocket square fold will you be wearing this evening?

Pimp your Suit – Part 1

When wearing your favourite pin stripped suit, there are different accessories that you can add to your style to make you stand out from the crowd.

Today, there are various styles of ties ranging from large to skinny ties. The size of the tie will depend on what image you are trying to portray to your fellow gentlemen. Here is a handy little guide to help you decide.

One of these is the old fashioned tie. However for quite a few of us gentlemen, tying a tie isn’t that simple as it requires some basic skill (here is a small video for beginners) especially since there are several different types of knots.

  • Windsor: Often erroneously referred to as the “double Windsor” due to the existence of the half Windsor knot, the Windsor is the most traditional knot, and probably the one you first learned to make. A simple guide can be found here.
  • Half Windsor: This knot is the one to go for when you want the conservative look of a Windsor minus the effort. As with the Windsor, choose a nice shirt and blazer with a stiff collar in order to emphasize the knot’s preppy nature. Instructions on how to tie this type of knot can be found here.
  • Four in hand: Use this knot if your in a hurry whilst running to the Tube (subway) on your way to the tube. Also this knot is a good combo with casual clothes. A simple guide can be found here.
  • Pratt or Shelby: This knot is closely similar to the Windsor however it’s a lot easier to make, the full guide on this can be found here.

Gentlemen, which knot will you be wearing today?