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Introducing Watchfinder

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


We joined our fellows from Watchfinder on Thursday for a very special event at their boutique at The Royal Exchange in Bank. The master class brought together like minded gentlemen and gentlewomen to discuss the latest trends in the luxury watch industry.

Watchfinder Reader Event

We had the opportunity to meet the team from the Watchfinder at the event, who were kind enough to share with us their points of views on the watch industry and news about their new edition of the Watchmag (you can download their app here) . We also had the chance to see one of their watchmakers showcasing their art.


If you fellows are in the market and are looking to purchase a new timepiece or currently in the research phase, we would recommend you getting in touch with the gentlemen from Watchfinder. We came by the fellows from Watchfinder during our research for our first timepiece.

Rolex GMT Master

We opted for the classical Rolex Submariner Datejust for a few reasons. We were really interested by the history behind the Rolex Submariner. Designed for diving (up to 300m) by Rolex, the Submariner is known for its high quality, water resistance and corrosion. With the summer coming up, we thought it best to procure ourselves a luxury watch that would resist sea water.

Rolex Submariner

Another reason is that the Rolex Submariner is a good entry level timepiece for the fellows entering the luxury watch ladder. It won’t lose value over time and it could help with your next luxury timepiece acquisition. Our fellows at Watchfinder can help you with your upgrade since their moto is “Pre-owned Uncompromised”.


So Gentlemen, if you are interested in learning more about the latest trends in the luxury watch industry download their app here. If you are also looking to purchase your next luxury timepiece then visit our fellows at Watchfinder.

Most Expensive Luxury Watches

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


For most of us pay day has just arrived and for some of our fellows, Q2 bonuses are just around the corner. With these in mind, we thought it would be a good time to showcase a few interesting luxury watches. As some of your gentlemen will agree, a watch is much more than just an item that gives you the time.

Hublot Big Bang Steel Ceramic 44mm

Hublot Big Bang Steel Ceramic 44mm – £13,700

A personal favourite of Luxurymenblog is the Hublot Big Bang Steel Ceramic 44mm. The Swiss manufacturer is renowned for their “art of fusion” of different material combinations. This is the entry level watch in terms of price, but it does portrait a sense of edginess and stylish feel when worn. The combination of steel and ceramic gives the timepiece an extra sense of luxury. The movement is Hublot’s Self Winding Chronograph movement.


Patek Philippe 2526

Patek Philippe 2526 – £26,900

For our fellows who prefer the more classic timpiece, the Patek Philippe 2526 is a safe choice. Originally introduced in the 1950s, it was Patek’s first automatic movement which is considered an iconic watch by many collectors. The 18K gold case and porcelain dial offers something different to us fellow gentlemen. Only 600 2526 timepieces were created by Patek Philippe, making this watch quite rare.


If these two previous timepieces were indeed on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of price, the following timepieces are for the gentlemen who have some spare money to spend from their left over bonus.


Louis Moinet Meteoris Watch ~ Price £2,760,000

The third most expensive timepiece in the world, the Louis Moinet Meteoris watch. The collection is comprised of 4 models, including Tourbillion Mars, Tourbillon Moon, Tourbillion Rosetta Stone and the Tourbillion Asteroid. Each timepiece features a rare piece of meteorite making each piece unique. Our personal favourite is the Tourbillion Mars, not only for the look but because the piece has a 180M piece of meteorite featuring in it as well as the tourbillion movement.



Patek Philippe – Henry Graves – Pocket Watch ~ Price: £6,600,000

Fellows, we are now entering a different league of gentlemen. The special pocket watch produced by Patek Philippe for the famous American banker Henry Graves. Being the second most expensive timepiece in the World the Patek Philippe Henry Graves Pocket Watch is by far a super rich timepiece. The watchmakers took 5 years to complete the timepiece in 1933 and boasts 24 different movements and is 18K gold. A very interesting timepiece as it has history behind it.

So Gentlemen, which would you pick?


Luxury Watch Competition by Crown & Caliber

Gentlemen and fellow followers,

Happy Easter from Luxurymenblog! Have you managed to find all those Easter Eggs that have been hidden away?

Our fellows from Crown & Caliber have opened a luxury watch contest for all of our fellow followers and watch lovers to submit a photo of their own favourite timepiece.

Submissions to the luxury watch contest will then be posted on their site following which our wider Gentlemen community will vote to decide who wins!

The winner will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card, which of course, could go towards your next timepiece.

To enter the luxury watch contest, please send the best photo of your favourite watch that you own to, or tag them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Deadline is the 25th of April 2014.

Good luck from Luxurymenblog!

Luxury Watch Competition by Crown & Caliber(Picture courtesy of “What’s on Your Wrist” – their blog can be found here)


Friday Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner

Bugatti Sunday


Saturday Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Saturday Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Luxurymenblog @ Archer Adams London

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


Last week we visited “The Dandy Lab”, where the Best of Britain come together, at one of the most respected boutiques in Cheltern Street, Archer Adams London. From now until the 31st of December at the boutique, the “Dandy Lab” club will be there to showcase best

Archer Adams London Archer Adams London

We met with owner Archer, who took us through his different collections. What caught our eye, was the famous “Westminster Gothic Umbrellas”.


Archer Adams London - umbrellas


As you fellow Gents know, it tends to rain quite often here in London, and having a unique umbrella from Archer Adams London is a nice addition to ones look. These umbrellas are inspired by 18th Century Gothic architecture, quite unusual and nice.


Also, we had the pleasure to meet Peter Jeun Ho Tsang, the famous designer from Coeur. Coeur is the playfully preppy of the modern day dandy who is: Cool, Confident and Coeur.


Peter Jeun Ho Tsan

Peter kindly presented to us one of his latest designs. The tie is very inn at the moment thanks to the festive season. In addition, the tie has a lot of fine detail for the trained eye you will be able to see the amount of time and effort that has been put into produce this fine item.


Another fellow Gentleman was present during our time at Archer’s from Barnard & Westwood. The company founded 90 years ago, has serious expertise when it comes to the production of book binding and fine printing.

Barnard & Westwood

With the festive season upon us, this would be a nice bespoke present for your fellow gentleman. There is a lot of detail that goes into the binding of each individual book. Furthermore, Barnard & Westwood hold Royal Warrants for both Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales, thus further demonstrating the highest quality of their work


So Gentlemen, next time you are close to Bond Street or Baker Street in London, do pop into Archer Adams London to discover some of the finest bespoke and luxury gentlemen items available.

Luxury Men Christmas Gifts – Part 2

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


Following on from Part 1 of this year’s luxury men gifts, we have lined up another series of inspiring men Christmas gifts. With Christmas just around the corner, it is becoming urgent to find that perfect gift.


Men Christmas Gift - Fendi tonal Leather weekend bag

The simplistic but stylish Tonal Leather Weekend Bag by Fendi is the perfect size for a weekend away. The shoulder strap (a favourite of ours since we travel a lot) helps to carry the weight of the bag during long journeys through airports, especially when you are running to try and catch a connecting flight! The padlock feature is a nice to have as well for the gentlemen who are a bit weary of leaving their Ipad and Laptop in one bag. A definite Men Christmas Gift!


Men Christmas Gift - Savelli Diamond Phone

Gentlemen, after the hype of Christmas day and luxury men Christmas presents, we all look forward to celebrating New Year 2014 with our fellow gentlemen. Here is an opportunity to show off what we have recently received. The Savelli Champagne Diamonds Phone is the luxury gadget to have this Year. The 18ct Rose Gold with Diamonds and ceramic buttons is a stylish and elegant piece to have on you during your night out.


Men Christmas Gift Fidelio1

Philips renewed for their sound quality has brought out their newest luxury sub-brand Fidelio’s S1 and S2 headphones. The sound is of superior quality, as we are all gentlemen we do appreciate a good and rich bass. The design boasts a premium copper alloy enclosure designed to reduce distortion and vibration. A nice to have.



Men Christmas Gift - Ace of Spades

As fellow Gentlemen, we appreciate good champagne. If it is either in a cocktail bar, a VIP section of the most notoriously known club or a quiet evening of poker with the fellow gentlemen, a good glass of champagne is always welcome. The Famous Armand de Brignac, Ace of Spades, have brought out a special edition of 15L of complex, full bodied champagne. This luxury men gift will last longer than just Christmas!


So Gentlemen, which luxury men gift will you be offering your fellow Gentleman this Christmas 2013?