Night Out in London: Yauatcha

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


Happy Year of the Horse (Chinese new year for those who weren’t aware)!. This is the first post of 2014, we have been quite busy over these past few weeks as you will see in the next upcoming posts and we will be presenting to you the best night out in London ideas. Exactly a year ago, when we were in Soho trying to find a club, we stumbled upon what is now one of our favourite luxury London restaurant, Yauatcha.

Night Out In London - Yauatcha

Yauatcha, part of the renowned Hakkasan group, is a fine establishment boasting the best dim-sum in the capital since 2004. In addition to the large range of dim-sum, the restaurant offers a wide range of home teas as well as handmade macarons and high end deserts.Within the first year of opening Yauatcha received a Michelin star demonstrating the creativity and quality of the food delivered by the master chefs

If you are looking for a place for your night out in London, then Yauatcha’s atmosphere is a great venue for all occasions including Pre-club Diner, business meeting lunch, family or friend catch up or even a late Saturday lunch.

Night Out In London - Yauatcha

If you are planning to celebrate the year of the horse over the next 2 weeks in London, we would strongly recommend visiting Yauatcha as they have recently partnered up with one of the oldest London luxury department store: Harvey Nichols. The partnership brings together luxury creativity and a real taste of China (through a new Chinese menu).

storefront has been taken over from the 20th of January 2014 to the 10th of February, by paper Horses designed by Harvey Nichols to celebrate the Year of the Horse.

We visited the restaurant this Saturday and here are a few of our favourites:(left to right):

  • King Crab Shanghai Siew Long Bun with Pork – one of our favourites
  • Scallop Shui Mai
  • Prosecco Cartizze, Domenico de Bertiol – goes very nicely with the fish

Night Out In London - Yauatcha

In addition to a Harvey Nichols designed storefront, visitors will have the opportunity to taste a few specials including the special edition of the best seller “Yasmin Honey” (top) with mandarin and sesame:

Night Out In London - Yauatcha

We also loved the “Strawberry and Basil Gateau” (right), lemon crumble and enjoyed the refreshing “Orange and Apricot Mille Feuille” (left).


Also during this festive season, upon completion of your meal you will receive a red envelope (for good luck) containing vouchers for fashion and treatment treats at Harvey Nichols. In addition, there is a bespoke cocktail at Harvey Nichols designed by the Yauatcha baristas.

Night Out In London - Yauatcha

So gentlemen and fellow followers, if you are in London and are looking for a nice restaurant close to the busy night life of Soho, then Yauatcha should be featuring on top of your list. This is a definite place to visit for a night out in London. We suggest you book sooner rather than later as it is a sought after venue!


Book your table now: by Phone:+44 (0) 20 7494 8888 or by Email:


Happy Year of the Horse from Yauatcha &Luxurymenblog

 Night Out In London - Yauatcha

Luxury Men Christmas Gifts – Part 2

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


Following on from Part 1 of this year’s luxury men gifts, we have lined up another series of inspiring men Christmas gifts. With Christmas just around the corner, it is becoming urgent to find that perfect gift.


Men Christmas Gift - Fendi tonal Leather weekend bag

The simplistic but stylish Tonal Leather Weekend Bag by Fendi is the perfect size for a weekend away. The shoulder strap (a favourite of ours since we travel a lot) helps to carry the weight of the bag during long journeys through airports, especially when you are running to try and catch a connecting flight! The padlock feature is a nice to have as well for the gentlemen who are a bit weary of leaving their Ipad and Laptop in one bag. A definite Men Christmas Gift!


Men Christmas Gift - Savelli Diamond Phone

Gentlemen, after the hype of Christmas day and luxury men Christmas presents, we all look forward to celebrating New Year 2014 with our fellow gentlemen. Here is an opportunity to show off what we have recently received. The Savelli Champagne Diamonds Phone is the luxury gadget to have this Year. The 18ct Rose Gold with Diamonds and ceramic buttons is a stylish and elegant piece to have on you during your night out.


Men Christmas Gift Fidelio1

Philips renewed for their sound quality has brought out their newest luxury sub-brand Fidelio’s S1 and S2 headphones. The sound is of superior quality, as we are all gentlemen we do appreciate a good and rich bass. The design boasts a premium copper alloy enclosure designed to reduce distortion and vibration. A nice to have.



Men Christmas Gift - Ace of Spades

As fellow Gentlemen, we appreciate good champagne. If it is either in a cocktail bar, a VIP section of the most notoriously known club or a quiet evening of poker with the fellow gentlemen, a good glass of champagne is always welcome. The Famous Armand de Brignac, Ace of Spades, have brought out a special edition of 15L of complex, full bodied champagne. This luxury men gift will last longer than just Christmas!


So Gentlemen, which luxury men gift will you be offering your fellow Gentleman this Christmas 2013?

Introducing Holdall and Co

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


With December around the corner, most of us are starting to look into Christmas gifts ideas for our fellow gentlemen as well as juggling our busy schedules. From meetings, lunches, corporate events to diners with clients or colleagues, you’re always carrying important documents around, Ipad or that new Iphone 5S in Silver.

Holdall and Co

Our Fellows at Holldall and Co have found a solution for us busy Gentlemen during a time where organisation is of the essence – The Professional 14” Folio. Recently established, Holldall and Co is a luxury leather accessory designer made in England. Their objective: to introduce a new generation to the values of “made in England”.

Holdall and Co - Folio 14"

With the introduction of the Professional Folio, this is a perfect item for your important meeting documents as well as your Ipad or Macbook. The classiness of the design makes it both modern and dapper fitting with different gentlemen styles. Made in England from the best leather they also support small local businesses around the country.

In addition, if you are similar to us and only carry around cards rather than coins, the cardfold case is very useful. It’s very light, slim and fits perfectly in a blazer or suit jacket. The design is hand burnished with stained edges gives that dapper look and feel.

Holdall and Co - Card Holder

Since its cut out of the same leather as the Professional Folio, the quality of the leather has not been degraded and the cardfold case fits easily up to three cards and notes or business cards.


The Professional Folio” is available in 2 colours and 2 sizes (12” and 14”):

Holdall and Co - professional-14-chestnut-hiro-small

  • Chestnut, goes nicely with a dark pair of jeans or blue suit for that important board meeting.

Holdall and Co professional-14-tan-hiro-small

  • London Tan, will suit a nice grey suit or a pair of chinos for that relaxed, yet important client meeting.


So Gentlemen, if you are looking for that additional accessory to give you the edge on other fellow Gentlemen, then the Professional 14” Folio is an item worth the investment.

Afternoon Mercedes Ride

Sat 2

Luxury Men Christmas Gifts – Part 1

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


It is that period of the year where the more organised fellow gentlemen are starting to look into a fellow’s Men Christmas Gift. But where to start? Luxurymenblog has handpicked a few trendy luxury gifts to inspire you:


 Men Christmas Gift - Aspinal of London

Made from the finest Nappa Glove leather, it has hand stitched features around the hand giving the glove a more personal touch. Furthermore, the traditional brogue creates a chic-ness that few other gloves have. An ideal present for Gentlemen who like to drive with gloves, in order to give them, that extra edge when arriving to the office.


 Men Christmas Gift - Burburry Scarf

A nice and classy Men Christmas Gift for this Christmas 2013. The shape is rectangular, making it easy to fold beneath a nice leather jacket or long jacket. The soft cashmere is embroidered with Equestrian Knight Detail as well as fringing at both ends for that extra piece of detail.



 Men Christmas Gift - Holdall and Co

In our next post we will present the Folio 14” by Holdall and Co in full detail. The Folio by Holdall and co is a must have for any Gentleman this Christmas as it is both a stylish Folio and a luxury accessory that is practical for storing important documents or Ipad during your business travel or meetings. A Luxury Men Christmas Gift which will help a fellow gentleman out!



 Men Christmas Gift - Mulberry Laser Cut Clip

An interesting and unusual Men Christmas Gift for this winter. Mulberry have developped a laser cut money clip which has a modern style and clean cut lines to hold your notes together. The single piece of formed metal is a secure way to keep track of your cahs on a night out!


So Gentlemen, which Men Christmas Gift will you be offering your fellow Gentleman this Chirstmas 2013?

Hublot Watches in London

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


This weekend, we decided to take a cultural visit to learn more about Hublot watches. We visited the Hublot London Flagship Store in Bond Street. We wanted to learn more about the different collections that Hublot had to offer.

hublot watches


For the fellow Gentleman who wouldn’t know the brand, Hublot, was the first luxury watchmaker that combined a precious underground metal (gold) with an above ground material (rubber). From this, Hublot waches developed the “Art of Fusion”, combining exotic metals with traditional Swiss watch making practices



The store manager, a fellow gentleman, kindly took Luxurymenblog through the 3 main collections in detail:


  • The Bing Bang:


The Big Bang Collection is by far the biggest range available and holds over 130 unique and varied pieces. The “Big Bang”, introduced in November 2005 is the brand’s flagship timepiece which catapulted the brand into the most prestigious realm of watch making.


The collection combines unexpected materials including ceramic, carbon, titanium, tungsten, gold and diamonds and employ the most cutting edge technology.

Hublot Watches

Luxurymenblog’s favourite Hublot – the Big Bang Aero Bang Steel Ceramic 44mm


The Big Bang retains the original Hublot ‘porthole’ look and is available in 38mm, 41mm, 44mm, and 48mm sizes.


  • The King Power


The King Power Collection is bolder and a more striking version of the Big Bang models. The complex dials are made of several layers bringing life to the face of each watch. King Power watches are an exciting concept and at 48mm make a real statement.

Special partners of Hublot have their own designed timepieces, the latest one being of the world’s fastest man, the King Power Usain Bolt 48mm. The King Power collection uses contemporary materials including gold, ceramic, platinum and diamonds which make them stand out from the crowd of every day timepieces.

Hublot Watches

The latest King Power release – King Power Usain Bolt with only 250 pieces made



  • Classic Collection


The Hublot Classic Fusion is an evolution of the concept of the Big Bang. The art of fusion is a key principle behind the design and creation of Hublot. Classic Fusion watches feature the same technical boldness as the Big Bang collection, however with a more classical, attractive aesthetic feel to them.

Hublot Watches

The Ultra Thin Skeleton Watch by Hublot – The Classic Fusion Classico Ultra-Thin All Black 45mm


It is rare to find this type of timepiece that blends ceramic, gold, titanium, platinum and diamonds to make watches with such a stylish design. The Classic Fusion combines traditional Swiss watchmaking values with contemporary cutting edge methods.


So Gentlemen, when will you be buying your Hublot?

Luxury Holiday Barcelona

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


As our Twitter followers have seen, Luxurymenblog took a well deserved luxury holiday. We decided to go south to visit the fabulous capital of Cataluña, Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia - Luxury Holiday Barcelona

We visited the luxury parts of town which we wanted to share with you fellow Gentlemen. We spent some time in the “Paseo de Gracia”, where all the luxury shops such as Chanel and Burberry can be found.

Chanel Barcelona

During the luxury holiday Barcelona we did do our “cultural” visits of the town and for the more arty fellow gentlemen, both the “La Perdrera” and the “Casa di Batllo” by Gaudi can be found in the “Paseo de Gracia”.

 La Perdrera - Luxury Holiday Barcelona

In addition to visiting the city, we experienced the night life that the city has to offer. We had the opportunity to party in one of the best establishments during our visit before we headed north to relax on the beaches of the Costa Brava.


Luxurymenblog visited the W Hotel Barcelona, which for Gentlemen wanting to visit Barcelona is a must, the hotel can be found at the end of “Passeig de Joan de Borbo”. We experienced their Sunday Pool party, which is organised every Sunday during summer. This is where the Gentlemen of Barcelona meet up around a few cocktails and good house music.

 Luxurymenblog @ W Hotel

The view is impressive; with the sea on one side you have the sea and the other a great view of the city. In addition to the Pool party with white sofas next to pool, the party continues inside at the Eclipse Bar, located on the 26th floor. The view is breath taking.


For shopping, we spent several hours in the Roca Village situated just outside the city, where you can find all the high end brands from Ralph Lauren to Timberland, at discount prices.

 La Roca Village - Luxury Holiday Barcelona


During our luxury holiday Barcelona, we realised that to fully experience Barcelona, you would need a good week to taste the diversity of the city: from clubs, to bars and terraces offering amazing food and atmosphere.


Barcelona is definitely a city worth spending time in, Luxurymenblog will be back! It was a fantastic luxury holiday Barcelona 2013.


Gentlemen, where did your luxury holiday take you to this year? Do let us know @Luxurymenblog !


Daniel Wellington Summer Style 2013

Gentlemen and fellow followers,

Before packing our bags for the south of Europe, we were eagerly researching a new summer gentleman’s watch. We had a specific criteria, the watch had to be stylish, be a positive additional piece of our summer outfits as well as being preppy and elegant. It was a challenge! However after a few weeks of investigation, we came across Daniel Wellington’s watches. After visiting their Facebook (here) and Instagram pages (here), we really liked the look and feel of the brand.

Daniel Wellington Logo
We found the story behind Daniel Wellington very interesting. He was a man with a “colourful personality who had an inspiring ability to be gentlemanly, relaxed and unpretentious at the same time.” This fellow Gentleman used to wear his old Rolex on Nato straps which originated from the British Navy. This changed the style of the old rusty Rolex to a more modern and preppy look.

Daniel Wellington Watches Collection 2013

One of the added benefits of the Daniel Wellington watches is that the straps are interchangeable, meaning one day you can opt for a preppy look to go to the tennis courts and the next you can have a classic formal watch for that important client meeting.

Our personal favourite was the Canterbury with the silver ring colour as its fit very nicely with our summer preppy outfits. We have been using it both as a complementary piece to our outfits but also as an individual piece.

Daniel Wellington Luxurymenblog Canterbury Watch

The Summer Preppy Look 2013
: the watch goes very nicely with a pair of colourful chinos and boat shoes for any boat and pool party that we had planned in the South of Europe. Works wonders with a tan, blue chinos, navy boat shoes and a pink shirt!

Daniel Wellington Canterbury Watch

The Meeting Back to Work
: Of course the different straps that are available, are a nice addition as with one watch, you can customise the look to become more formal and classical.

Daniel Wellington Gold Classic Look
Gentlemen, Daniel Wellington has kindly offered all Luxurymenblog followers & readers an incredible and exclusive discount of 15% when quoting “luxury” at the checkout until the end of September 2013.

Gentlemen, the summer isn’t over yet, there is still time to your upgrade your summer wardrobe!

A Gentleman Summer Wear for Holiday

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


We have been busy these past weeks piecing together our gentleman summer wear for a little trip down to Spain for some well deserved rest. Apart from booking flights and scouting out the best luxury scenes, we have been thinking about which gentleman summer wear we should be bringing along with us.


The first challenge that we faced was to decide what shoes to bring along with us considering the weight baggage limit.

The boat shoe (or loafers)

 Boat Shoes, gentleman summer wear

We decided to bring along with us the “Lanvin Leather and Suede Boat Shoes” for the upcoming pool and yacht parties that we have lined up. Loafers provide the best of both worlds for your gentleman summer attire:

  • Gentleman Look: Bring out the stylish chic during evening cocktails with a pair of chinos and a nice fitted blazer
  • Summer Relaxed Look: with a simple pair of above the knee high shorts and a casual polo t-shirt


The second challenge was the summer blazer. Considering we will be going to the South of Europe, we opted for some colour, after all it’s summer!

 Summer Blazer


The “Pincord Sportcoat by Michael Bastian” was our selection this Summer 2013. The pastel colour fits well with colourful shorts and chinos to stand out in a crowded party. On the other hand, the blazer can also feature a nice pocket square to really bring out the differences in colour.


The final challenge was the selection of shorts and trousers. For the summer gentlemen shorts we opted for a selection:

 Summer Shorts, gentleman summer wear

  • Shorts, we decided to go with light blue. Together with a tan, the combination is perfect when added to a white shirt.

Chinos, gentleman summer wear

  • Chinos: a must have gentleman summer wear 2013. We are very fond of the green and red colours as the combinations are endless and considering the baggage allowance, these are two good choices.

 White trousers

  • The White Pair of Trouser: to be used sparely! A nice pair of gentlemen white trousers can really make a gentleman’s attire. Together with a grey blazer or dark navy and nice loafers, this is one of the best summer looks a fellow gentleman can have in his wardrobe.


Fellow gentlemen, which summer attires have you packed for this summer 2013?


N.B: We will be on Twitter @Luxurymenblog, for the next 2 weeks, so don’t forget to follow us to get the latest up to date news!




Introducing…The British Belt Company

Gentlemen and fellow followers,

We have finally been experiencing the typical British summer. It also has been a busy few weeks, from club openings and parties to the Yahoo Wireless Festival in VIP. We’ve recently been in the market for a stylish gentleman’s brown belt. After two months of research, in which we have compared over 20 different styles, we came across a quintessentially British company that caught our eye, The British Belt Company.

British Belt company Logo

For our Gentlemen who haven’t had the opportunity to visit our fellow friends at the British Belt Company, they are experienced leather craftsmen dating back to 1946 bringing together traditional skills with the finest leather.

They offer a very interesting range of accessories, from the famous Harris Tweed pattern to braces and wallets. We acquired the “Burley Leather Formal Belt Tan” piece to add to our collection.

  • The “Monday Meeting Look”, featured the classic white fitted shirt, blue trousers as well as the Burley belt and boat shoes. The addition of the belt helped break the look from the white and blue, but added a sense of class due to the pattern of the belt. Ideal look for a summer boardroom meeting with the new clients.

British Belt Co - Formal Look

  • The “Saturday Preppy Look”, featured red preppy trousers as well as a white and brown stripped shirt, our new belt and brown shoes. Using the same belt with lighter colours tones down the formality of the belt. Ideal look when you’re planning an evening out with the fellow gentlemen.

Luxurymenblog - Preppy Look

We were really impressed with the quality of the leather and the last finishing points around the buckle. This adds that additional little piece of detail to the overall belt making it a unique piece in its genre.

 Gentlemen and fellow followers, we definitely recommend you taking a look at The British Belt Company if you are planning to buy a quality piece for your wardrobe.

Miansai Anchor Bracelet for Stylish Gentlemen

Gentlemen and Fellow followers,

A few weeks ago I went out clubbing in the West End of London as I usually do every other weekend. This weekend, I noticed that all the Gentlemen that were around me were wearing very similar accessories including myself, one watch and either a bangle or a customised chain on the each wrist. I wanted to stand out from my fellow gentlemen with something more classy and elegant like the Miansai Anchor Bracelet, I’ve just discovered.


This week, I visited the famous Selfridges on Oxford St. browsing the sales and I came across the Miansai Range of Anchor bracelets by Michael Saiger. I remember this brand having featured in GQ last year but it had totally slipped my mind. His jewellery line combines vintage styles and my personal favourite is the “Silver Anchor on Blue and Red Rope” which you can see below:

 Luxury Miansai Anchor Bracelet


It goes very nicely with a smart casual look or if you are planning on having a formal meeting with new clients like I had the other day, it was a great icebreaker! I do like the range as the quality of the rope is good and the actual anchor itself is of high quality silver. There are a few ways you can wear the bracelets too, I’ve tried different combinations depending on what style I was opting for:


  • Watch vs Miansai – Chilled look: you can wear a nice summer shirt, preferably light colours or white with a pair of chinos and have a watch on one wrist and the Miansai on the other. It looks casual and can work well with a pair of boat shoes.


  • Watch vs Miansai – Suited Look: when you are preparing for that important meeting and you want a little “something” to help differentiate yourself from the rest of your colleagues and get the “that’s a nice combo” look from your peers? Try pairing up your Miansai Anchor Bracelet with your suit (preferably a similar tone of colour or if you are feeling courageous go flashy but stylish).

 Luxury Miansai bracelet and suit look

  • Watch & MiansaiSupercharged look: I’ve seen a few fellow gentlemen wearing their chains and their watches on the same arm. Although I am not a big fan of this look, I have tried this with my Achor bracelet and it does work. The silver anchor offsets the black of the watch or bronze/gold.


To date, since I’ve been wearing mine, I’ve had 2 colleagues, 3 people in clubs and 2 people in bars asking me where I had bought mine as it was an unusual piece of jewlery.

Miansai by Michael Saiger

So gentlemen and fellow followers, which Miansai Anchor Bracelet for Gentlemen will you be adopting for your Spring Summer 2013?

Luxury Conference 2013…by American Express

American Express Luxury Summit 2013

Gentlemen, every year since 1999, the elite of luxury gather in the 
American Express Luxury Summit 2013 to discuss the roadmap of how big luxury houses see the world and do business. Interestingly, back in 2012 the theme of the summit was “what works now: Luxury to believe in”. This year it’s “Luxury: The Remix 2013”.


The summit will be taking place this year from the 21 to 23rd of April 2013 at St Regis Monarch Beach, CA. It will be focusing around four key areas: globalism, travel, lifestyle and technology. Some of the top names in the industry will be attending the event; these include speakers from Hermès, Tom Ford, Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Hilton Worlwide.


The conference also includes activities for delegates and attendees such as Golf Clinics, Tennis Clinics to perfect your serves, Surfing lessons, Welness treatments and much more. You can find the full program of the American Express Publishing’s Luxury Summit 2013


Registrations are still open, so fellow followers if you fancy enjoying and discovering about the world of high luxury and what is in store for 2013, then, be sure to book your
ticket quick!



Luxury Saint Valentine’s Ideas – Part I



With the end of January in sight and February just around the corner, you are probably starting to think about the luxury gift that your significant other will be choosing for you for St Valentine. Most of us don’t like to admit this but we do like to receive a gift that adds to our style or day to day lifestyle.

Below are a few exclusive presents that you could “mention” to your other half over the next few weeks:


Rolex Daytona

Rolex Daytona Stealth


The famous Swiss watch maker has produced a fine watch for this St Valentine for us gentlemen. The Rolex Daytona Stealth Watch has a league of its own. The Diamond like coating features a black dial with luxurious Luminos Marker. Each number is laser engraved and is water resistant.



Polo Ralph Lauren Gloves


If you have already recently received your new watch and with the cold set to come back then it would be a good time to invest in a new pair of warm gloves that matches that favourite suit of yours. The Polo Ralph Lauren are leather meaning that even during those cold windy days, your hands will stay protected and warm. Furthermore, for those whose fingertips are sensitive, these gloves come with phone sensitive fingertips.

BMW M Bike Carbon Racer

BMW M Carbon Racer Bike


Gentlemen, by now we have all made up our minds about on our new year’s resolutions for 2013, from saving to going more often to the gym or spend time around people we care about. The BMW M Bike Carbon Racer by BMW will help you hit all of the above with one purchase. The overall weight of the bike is just 7.4KG and has a specific and unmistakable frame design. The gear shifts are of high calibre – shinamo ultegra – break/shift lever enables quick gearshifts and the Tundra 2 saddles features to provide a high level of comfort.

Part II coming soon!

Luxury Shopping – London


After visiting Geneva for some luxury shopping in our last post, it is time to visit the “The Big Smoke”, also known as London for some vintage and luxury shopping.


London has several distinct retail districts and shopping streets, many of which have their own themes or specialities. From luxury goods in Mayfair to quirky finds in Covent Garden, to large shopping centres like Westfield.

In terms of luxury shopping Mayfair is the place to visit. From Louis Vuitton Maison to Marc Jacob flagship store. The exclusive nature of the Bond Street and Mayfair area is exactly want us gentlemen need. Savile Row is renowned for its custom tailoring, so gentlemen if you are looking for that new suit or pair of shoes then Savile Row is the place to go.

If you happen to be more in the West of the city, in the Knightsbridge area, then you should definitely go and visit Harrods, the upmarket and luxury department store.


If on the other hand you don`t have the time to go down to the west end; then you must visit the long established department store in London – Liberty. Located in between Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus, definitely worth the visit.

liberty of london

So gentlemen, if you are looking for some high end shopping, London is definitely a city worth spending several days in.