Night out in London: Libertine

Gentlemen and fellow followers,

While the weather has got worst in parts of the country with flood warnings still on red alert, this hasn’t stopped Luxurymenblog’s research for nights out in London. We has been busy visiting some of the top luxury clubs in London. A while back we introduced you to our fellows from the Ace of Clubs, which you can read here. The fellows from the Ace of Clubs provide an exclusive and luxury hosting service for going out in London’s clubs throughout the whole week.

Night out in London

In addition, their run a luxury table reservation and guest list service should you want to properly party in London with your friends, colleagues after a busy week in meetings, or simply bringing together a group of friends to go out in London. Furthermore the team provide a friendly and professional approach for their guests compared to some others in the similar industry, making the environment open to meeting new people.


We joined the team this weekend at one of London’s top clubs, Libertine. The club is located in the heart of Fitzrovia and close to Oxford Circus. Libertine attracts a large crowd of individuals and sometimes celebrities giving the establishment a vibrant feeling. The club boasts 4 different rooms and is open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The club was busy this Saturday nevertheless the Ace of Clubs delivered a stunning job.

Night out in London

For the fellow gentlemen who have been in London a while and know the club scene, Libertine was recently refurbished from the old Chinawhite nightclub.


Night out in London

You will see quite often, large amounts of bottle flowing from the VIP bar across the dance floor to the different tables. If you are looking for a place to dance with likeminded people, then Libertine is the place to visit for your night out in London.

So gentlemen and fellow followers, if you are planning a night out in London and would like to visit one of the top clubs in London to go dancing then Libertine is a definite choice for you. Should you want to visit Libertine, we would recommend contacting our fellow friends from the Ace of Clubs as they will be able to provide you a hassle free entrance and great evening.


Remember to mention Luxurymenblog when contacting our fellow gents at Ace of Clubs for a personal approach: Phone: +44(0)7545311619 or Email:



Night out in London: CirqueLeSoir

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


As it is the year of the Horse, with apparently a heated year in front of us, Luxurymenblog will be diverting this tension by sharing with you some of the best luxury places to go out in London. If you are planning a night out in London to party in some of the most exclusive clubs we recommend the Ace of Clubs. Providing a top notch luxury service, these hosts provide a high quality guestlist to the most exclusive clubs in the capital.


In addition, their run a table reservation service should you want to properly party in London with your friends, work colleagues after a hard week in the office, or simply an event you would like to host.


We met the brilliant team last weekend whilst visiting one of the top and most exclusive clubs in London, Cirque Le Soir. The club situated near Oxford Circus is located in Ganton street (next to Carnaby street). Cirque Le Soir is one of London’s most sought after nightclubs and entrance is highly exclusive, usually demonstrated by a long line of people queuing in front of the club in the cold weather. The “Ace of Clubs” definitely knows how to put on an event.


Cirque Le Soir, opened in 2009, is a circus theme nightclub boasting incredible performances. For our international gentlemen, Cirque Le Soir also have a club in Dubai and Shanghai. From sword-swallowers, fire-eaters all with a burlesque angle.



Not to mention the dwarves, magicians and clowns that roam the club. They have a range of different events every night of the week, from Bordel nights on Friday to Hip Hop Saturday nights to mention a few.


There are also a few nice additions to the club, from video games, bear ping pong table, fortune teller and in case you are hungry at 2AM, a pop corn and crepe stand! At our luxury table organised by the Ace of Clubs for us, the Belvedere was flowing all night long.


The fellow gentlemen whom we were with were all from very interesting backgrounds. It’s always a pleasure to meet new people especially in a time poor city like London!


To go out in London especially to luxury and most exclusive nightclubs there are a few ways to get in. Queuing is an option, however in the cold weather that we are currently experiencing we suggest to use this alternative as a final resort. A smarter option is to get in touch with our fellows from the Ace of Clubs as this is their speciality.


So gentlemen, if you are planning a night out in London are would like to discover the mysterious wonders of Cirque Le Soir, we suggest you get in contact with the Ace of Clubs team as soon as possible for a great and eventful evening!


Remember to mention Luxurymenblog when contacting our fellow gents at Ace of Clubs for a personal approach: Phone: +44(0)7545311619 or Email: