The World’s Best Shoe by MR PORTER

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


Most of you will know MR PORTER, the Gentleman arm of NET A PORTER, and their love for mens clothing and more importantly their range of designer shoes.


We had the privilege of attending the relaunch of MR PORTER’s new luxury shoe site themed “The World’s Best Shoes”. Gentlemen, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Boots, Loafers, Sneakers and our two personal favourites: Broguesand Loafers. Eight specialist shoemakers have partnered on an exclusive basis with MR PORTER to bring our fellow Gentlemen a unique offering for their next shoe purchase.


The Brogue Shoe


Fellows, if you’re looking for a shoe that can work both for casual occasions but can also be used to upgrade your formal, we would recommend the BroguesShoe. Sturdy lace ups with stylish patterns, Brogues add a personal touch to your outfit. This shoe is one of the must-haves for every Gentlemen.




Gentlemen, if you’re looking to impress your colleagues in the office with a new pair of shoes, look no further. The Loafer is not only a timeless shoe but is elegant and will be a perfect addition to that well tailored suit you own. The Saint Laurent Penny Leather Loafers are by far one of our favourite shoes. Crafted in fine Italian leather and polished to perfection.


With Christmas around the corner, now is a good time throw out those old pair of shoes that have been worn in 2015 and prepare your wardrobe for a luxury men upgrade in 2016. Before diving blind into the breadth of designer shoes of MR PORTER, Gentlemen, we recommend that you cast an eye on their “Eight Shoes Every Man Should Own” and their specialist editorial hub for your “Shoe Guide” in 2016.


MR PORTER is also giving away £1,000 prize to the winner of the “World’s Best Shoes”. To enter the competition, simply tweet your best “View From Your Shoes” using the #shoegame on Instagram.

Gentleman’s Summer Look – Part 1

Gentlemen and fellow followers,

The spring has finally come! After the bank holiday weekend and hours spent in the sun, it is time to have a look at one of my personal favourite gentleman’s accessory: the male belt.

A gentleman’s belt can enhance your look and coordinate all your accessories, from your watch, shoes and socks to your pocket square. A small summary of reasons why to wear a belt and how to wear a belt can be found here.

With the summer on its way, gentlemen and fellow followers, it is time to adapt your style to the hot season. You can put away your classic black and brown belts until the autumn and it is time to upgrade your belt to this season fashionable: Gentleman’s Woven Belt.

Male Woven Belt

The mix of cotton and leather are a nice luxury combination that can go nicely with a summer suit, a pair of jeans or chinos and can be used both for formal meetings or a relaxed night out with the fellow gentlemen.

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite luxurious gentlemen woven belts:

massimo dutti Woven belt

The Plaited Cord Belt by Massimo Dutti

The braided cotton and leather belt has a chrome buckle and one loop of leather stitching. This is an ideal belt for a white pair of chinos or jeans. You can find the belt here

Ted Baker Woven Belt

The Lastman Multicoloured Plaited Belt by Ted Baker

The trim is made from 100% leather together with a metal buckle fastening. The Ted Baker is embossed on the leather loop for those Gentlemen who like to make a point about their appearance. This belt is a nice addition to a bright pair of navy shorts or chinos for a more trendy look. More information about the belt can be found here.

Armani Woven Belt

The Woven Belt by Armani

Made in Italy, the leather is made from calf skin and textile fibres providing the belt with a luxurious look and feel when worn. The Ivory colour of the woven belt is a stylish and classy addition to a dark suit or dark pair of jeans. Alternatively it can be worn with a white pair of jeans with a blue shirt; more information can be found here.

So Gentlemen, which luxury male woven belt will you be opting for this summer 2013?