James Bond – Part II


After James Bond – Part I where we reviewed the British Spy luxury and heritage cars, it’s time to take a closer look at the secret agent’s luxury style.

The Suit

Tom Ford has designed the suits for his second straight Bond movie, clearly he has the hidden talent. Even the MI6 agent needs to look the part during the dangerous car chasing scenes.

Tom Ford, renowned for his conservatism when it comes to formal wear, focuses on basics. Although he only focuses on basics, he does it better than anyone else in the industry.

The bold move to design a midnight blue tuxedo is actually an interesting tactical move by the american designer. Midnight Blue is known, in the luxury circle of gentlemen fashion, to be more formal than black. This is because in certain light black turns greenish, however midnight blue under many lights actually looks blacker than black therefore more formal that black.

The Watch

One of my favourites piece of the James Bond menswear is the new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M watch. 

Since 1932, Omega presented the first watch for divers, the luxurious watchmaker launched the Seamaster range in 1948.

Today the Seamaster features on one of the classiest men of all time – James Bond. Limited to only 5,007 pieces, the watch is powered by the Omega’s exclusive Co-Axial calibre 8507 movement visible through the sapphire crystal. Currently on sale for £4,420.

The Sunglasses

Together with the luxurious watch, James needed sunglasses to go with his overall attire. The Tom Ford TF11 is a standard model from the Tom Ford collection.


James Bond (Daniel Craig) can be seen here wearing what looks like the Tom ford Marko model number TF144 08B Shiny Gunmetal.

So Gentlemen, have you picked up your tuxedo from the dry cleaner for tonight’s casino evening?

James Bond – Part I


James Bond is by far one of the most influential gentlemen of our time. With gadgets that can can blow up a two floor building or a sense of fashion that can stop conversations of an entire casino floor.

The English spy has by far the classiest cars at his disposal to help him in his dangerous missions.

The cars, all helped by Q branch’s magic, are all specked with the latest technology from automatic guns and high end GPS. However, they remain classics for us gentlemen.

Aston Martin DBS

One of my personal favourites is the Aston Martin DBS, which was used by James Bond in Casino Royal.

The luxury Aston Martin DBS offers more than performance, beauty and comfort for us gentlemen. The aesthetic interior combined with the 6.0 Litre V12 engine is a luxury car must have.

The DBS is a nice little addition to your gentlemen’s car collection as it is a classic luxury British car. The car is available in both Coupe or Volante, both models come in manual or automatic gear.

Aston Martin DB5

From the new luxury DBS, an older car has recently been featuring in the last few James Bond’s movies including, Casino Royal and Skyfall. Again another Aston Martin however slightly different to the DBS – the Aston Martin DB5.

Although we are comparing these two luxurious cars side by side, we mustn’t forget gentlemen that the DB5 is in a league of its own right – heritage.

The car has the reputation of being the “most famous car in the world” after appearing in Goldfinger.

The engine capacity is 4L and the car is fitted with 15” wheels. The DB5 also comes in a convertible model and has an optional steel hard top.

Both the DB5 and DBS are luxury cars in their own rights. Whether you want to drive into the centre of town with your DBS to see some friends or if you simply want to drive through the country lanes or near the coast with your DB5, Aston Martin is a heritage and luxury sports car marker.

So gentlemen, which one will you be driving around in this week?