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Gentlemen Festive Gifts – Part III


With a few days left before the big day, here are a few additional men gift ideas for your fellow gentlemen following on from our series of Gentlemen Festive Gifts Part I and Part II:

The Sound System

If you are looking for a luxury gift which is both stylish and practical then the BeoSound 8 sound system by Bang & Olufsen could be what you have been looking for.


As most gentlemen have a sophisticated devices from which they play their music (Iphone, Ipod, Ipad or computer) the BeoSound 8 sound quality is top of the line. The large speakers produce a crisp and dynamic performance.

In addition, as the sound system could be placed in different environments, the patented solution by Bang & Olufsen has advanced acoustical technology which will help adapt the audio and keep the sound clean. The speakers also come in 6 different colours for those who like to customise their luxury gadgets!

The Ipad Case

If you are looking for a smaller vintage gift then the Ipad case by Parabellum could be what you are looking for.


Made out of Bison Leather, this stylish Ipad case will protect and pimp your ipad next time you are in the boardroom leaving your fellow colleagues jealous and envious.

The sleeve and its dual function allows the owner to protect his Ipad whilst travelling (this is helped by the fact that the case is reinforced with kevlar) as well as using opening it up during meetings.

The Card Holder

The stylish card holder by Louis Vuitton is a nice little gift for your fellow gentleman.


This sophisticated card holder subtly allows you to show off your style whilst handing your business card. The nomade leather is mounted on a metallic base with a palladum finish.

The visible screws have been added to the holder as a reminder to the famous trunk, this nice finishing touch adds to the personality of the luxury card holder.

Happy shopping gentlemen!