Introducing Holdall and Co

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


With December around the corner, most of us are starting to look into Christmas gifts ideas for our fellow gentlemen as well as juggling our busy schedules. From meetings, lunches, corporate events to diners with clients or colleagues, you’re always carrying important documents around, Ipad or that new Iphone 5S in Silver.

Holdall and Co

Our Fellows at Holldall and Co have found a solution for us busy Gentlemen during a time where organisation is of the essence – The Professional 14” Folio. Recently established, Holldall and Co is a luxury leather accessory designer made in England. Their objective: to introduce a new generation to the values of “made in England”.

Holdall and Co - Folio 14"

With the introduction of the Professional Folio, this is a perfect item for your important meeting documents as well as your Ipad or Macbook. The classiness of the design makes it both modern and dapper fitting with different gentlemen styles. Made in England from the best leather they also support small local businesses around the country.

In addition, if you are similar to us and only carry around cards rather than coins, the cardfold case is very useful. It’s very light, slim and fits perfectly in a blazer or suit jacket. The design is hand burnished with stained edges gives that dapper look and feel.

Holdall and Co - Card Holder

Since its cut out of the same leather as the Professional Folio, the quality of the leather has not been degraded and the cardfold case fits easily up to three cards and notes or business cards.


The Professional Folio” is available in 2 colours and 2 sizes (12” and 14”):

Holdall and Co - professional-14-chestnut-hiro-small

  • Chestnut, goes nicely with a dark pair of jeans or blue suit for that important board meeting.

Holdall and Co professional-14-tan-hiro-small

  • London Tan, will suit a nice grey suit or a pair of chinos for that relaxed, yet important client meeting.


So Gentlemen, if you are looking for that additional accessory to give you the edge on other fellow Gentlemen, then the Professional 14” Folio is an item worth the investment.

Daniel Wellington Summer Style 2013

Gentlemen and fellow followers,

Before packing our bags for the south of Europe, we were eagerly researching a new summer gentleman’s watch. We had a specific criteria, the watch had to be stylish, be a positive additional piece of our summer outfits as well as being preppy and elegant. It was a challenge! However after a few weeks of investigation, we came across Daniel Wellington’s watches. After visiting their Facebook (here) and Instagram pages (here), we really liked the look and feel of the brand.

Daniel Wellington Logo
We found the story behind Daniel Wellington very interesting. He was a man with a “colourful personality who had an inspiring ability to be gentlemanly, relaxed and unpretentious at the same time.” This fellow Gentleman used to wear his old Rolex on Nato straps which originated from the British Navy. This changed the style of the old rusty Rolex to a more modern and preppy look.

Daniel Wellington Watches Collection 2013

One of the added benefits of the Daniel Wellington watches is that the straps are interchangeable, meaning one day you can opt for a preppy look to go to the tennis courts and the next you can have a classic formal watch for that important client meeting.

Our personal favourite was the Canterbury with the silver ring colour as its fit very nicely with our summer preppy outfits. We have been using it both as a complementary piece to our outfits but also as an individual piece.

Daniel Wellington Luxurymenblog Canterbury Watch

The Summer Preppy Look 2013
: the watch goes very nicely with a pair of colourful chinos and boat shoes for any boat and pool party that we had planned in the South of Europe. Works wonders with a tan, blue chinos, navy boat shoes and a pink shirt!

Daniel Wellington Canterbury Watch

The Meeting Back to Work
: Of course the different straps that are available, are a nice addition as with one watch, you can customise the look to become more formal and classical.

Daniel Wellington Gold Classic Look
Gentlemen, Daniel Wellington has kindly offered all Luxurymenblog followers & readers an incredible and exclusive discount of 15% when quoting “luxury” at the checkout until the end of September 2013.

Gentlemen, the summer isn’t over yet, there is still time to your upgrade your summer wardrobe!

Miansai Anchor Bracelet for Stylish Gentlemen

Gentlemen and Fellow followers,

A few weeks ago I went out clubbing in the West End of London as I usually do every other weekend. This weekend, I noticed that all the Gentlemen that were around me were wearing very similar accessories including myself, one watch and either a bangle or a customised chain on the each wrist. I wanted to stand out from my fellow gentlemen with something more classy and elegant like the Miansai Anchor Bracelet, I’ve just discovered.


This week, I visited the famous Selfridges on Oxford St. browsing the sales and I came across the Miansai Range of Anchor bracelets by Michael Saiger. I remember this brand having featured in GQ last year but it had totally slipped my mind. His jewellery line combines vintage styles and my personal favourite is the “Silver Anchor on Blue and Red Rope” which you can see below:

 Luxury Miansai Anchor Bracelet


It goes very nicely with a smart casual look or if you are planning on having a formal meeting with new clients like I had the other day, it was a great icebreaker! I do like the range as the quality of the rope is good and the actual anchor itself is of high quality silver. There are a few ways you can wear the bracelets too, I’ve tried different combinations depending on what style I was opting for:


  • Watch vs Miansai – Chilled look: you can wear a nice summer shirt, preferably light colours or white with a pair of chinos and have a watch on one wrist and the Miansai on the other. It looks casual and can work well with a pair of boat shoes.


  • Watch vs Miansai – Suited Look: when you are preparing for that important meeting and you want a little “something” to help differentiate yourself from the rest of your colleagues and get the “that’s a nice combo” look from your peers? Try pairing up your Miansai Anchor Bracelet with your suit (preferably a similar tone of colour or if you are feeling courageous go flashy but stylish).

 Luxury Miansai bracelet and suit look

  • Watch & MiansaiSupercharged look: I’ve seen a few fellow gentlemen wearing their chains and their watches on the same arm. Although I am not a big fan of this look, I have tried this with my Achor bracelet and it does work. The silver anchor offsets the black of the watch or bronze/gold.


To date, since I’ve been wearing mine, I’ve had 2 colleagues, 3 people in clubs and 2 people in bars asking me where I had bought mine as it was an unusual piece of jewlery.

Miansai by Michael Saiger

So gentlemen and fellow followers, which Miansai Anchor Bracelet for Gentlemen will you be adopting for your Spring Summer 2013?