The World’s Best Shoe by MR PORTER

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Most of you will know MR PORTER, the Gentleman arm of NET A PORTER, and their love for mens clothing and more importantly their range of designer shoes.


We had the privilege of attending the relaunch of MR PORTER’s new luxury shoe site themed “The World’s Best Shoes”. Gentlemen, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Boots, Loafers, Sneakers and our two personal favourites: Broguesand Loafers. Eight specialist shoemakers have partnered on an exclusive basis with MR PORTER to bring our fellow Gentlemen a unique offering for their next shoe purchase.


The Brogue Shoe


Fellows, if you’re looking for a shoe that can work both for casual occasions but can also be used to upgrade your formal, we would recommend the BroguesShoe. Sturdy lace ups with stylish patterns, Brogues add a personal touch to your outfit. This shoe is one of the must-haves for every Gentlemen.




Gentlemen, if you’re looking to impress your colleagues in the office with a new pair of shoes, look no further. The Loafer is not only a timeless shoe but is elegant and will be a perfect addition to that well tailored suit you own. The Saint Laurent Penny Leather Loafers are by far one of our favourite shoes. Crafted in fine Italian leather and polished to perfection.


With Christmas around the corner, now is a good time throw out those old pair of shoes that have been worn in 2015 and prepare your wardrobe for a luxury men upgrade in 2016. Before diving blind into the breadth of designer shoes of MR PORTER, Gentlemen, we recommend that you cast an eye on their “Eight Shoes Every Man Should Own” and their specialist editorial hub for your “Shoe Guide” in 2016.


MR PORTER is also giving away £1,000 prize to the winner of the “World’s Best Shoes”. To enter the competition, simply tweet your best “View From Your Shoes” using the #shoegame on Instagram.

Luxurymenblog @ Archer Adams London

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Last week we visited “The Dandy Lab”, where the Best of Britain come together, at one of the most respected boutiques in Cheltern Street, Archer Adams London. From now until the 31st of December at the boutique, the “Dandy Lab” club will be there to showcase best

Archer Adams London Archer Adams London

We met with owner Archer, who took us through his different collections. What caught our eye, was the famous “Westminster Gothic Umbrellas”.


Archer Adams London - umbrellas


As you fellow Gents know, it tends to rain quite often here in London, and having a unique umbrella from Archer Adams London is a nice addition to ones look. These umbrellas are inspired by 18th Century Gothic architecture, quite unusual and nice.


Also, we had the pleasure to meet Peter Jeun Ho Tsang, the famous designer from Coeur. Coeur is the playfully preppy of the modern day dandy who is: Cool, Confident and Coeur.


Peter Jeun Ho Tsan

Peter kindly presented to us one of his latest designs. The tie is very inn at the moment thanks to the festive season. In addition, the tie has a lot of fine detail for the trained eye you will be able to see the amount of time and effort that has been put into produce this fine item.


Another fellow Gentleman was present during our time at Archer’s from Barnard & Westwood. The company founded 90 years ago, has serious expertise when it comes to the production of book binding and fine printing.

Barnard & Westwood

With the festive season upon us, this would be a nice bespoke present for your fellow gentleman. There is a lot of detail that goes into the binding of each individual book. Furthermore, Barnard & Westwood hold Royal Warrants for both Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales, thus further demonstrating the highest quality of their work


So Gentlemen, next time you are close to Bond Street or Baker Street in London, do pop into Archer Adams London to discover some of the finest bespoke and luxury gentlemen items available.

Geneva Night Out – The Java Club Geneva

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


During our recent visit to Geneva, we had the pleasure to discover Geneva’s trendiest and most glamorous place in town namely the Java Club Geneva.

Java Club Geneva

The Club is located on the “Rive Droite” of the city and underneath the luxury Kempinski hotel Geneva. Gentlemen if you are looking for a nice place to have a drink before a night out do visit the Kempinski bar as it looks out on to Lake Geneva and also has a terrace, very nice in summer time.


Java Club Geneva is one of the most sought after clubs in Geneva. Attracting the young and rich international fellows up for partying most of the week, the club has some of the best house music as regular international DJs make appearances. The atmosphere is really nice as you can still talk, relax and dance.


The Club has themed parties well known across the city, open from 11pm until 5am, Tuesday to Saturday; the Java Club has several small dance floors dotted around in between the tables.


Gentlemen if you are looking for a VIP area in Geneva, the Java Club Geneva VIP’s section can deliver a high standard of Luxury made in Switzerland. The bar staff is knowledgeable about their drinks and helpful which is rare to find in this area.


The Java Club Geneva Facebook page is a good place to start to see what is going on during the weekend or what themed event is next. Definitely worth looking at if you are planning a trip down there. You will also find all the latest pictures of the previous evenings, meaning you don’t have to hunt around the web to try and find them too.


The club is approved by Luxurymenblog standards. So Gentlemen, if you are spending a few nights in the Watch Making city of Geneva, do drop by the Java Club Geneva.

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