Introducing…L.U.C. Engine One H by Chopard

Gentlemen and fellow followers,

As we are in April, the luxury Basel watch fair 2013 is in full swing. All the top luxury timepiece makers are presently showcasing their newest and finest pieces to the world of gentlemen. One of my favourites pieces is currently being showcased by Chopard.

Chopar Official

Chopard is one of the oldest Swiss timepiece makers producing some of the finest watches in the industry. Founded in 1860, their tagline “Passion for Excellence” still stands since they have created the L.U.C. collection.

Named after the founder (Louis-Ulysse Chopardd), the latest timepiece of the collection is very similar to the “L.U.C Engine One Tourbillion” launched in 2010; the 2013 timpiece called “L.U.C Engine One H” has several distinctive features.

L.U.C Engine One H side

Gentlemen, if you are looking for a distinct timepiece then you are looking at one. The horizontal position of the dials, as opposed to the original vertical one, is a new feature founded on the movements of automobile mechanics.

The structure of the timepiece is similar to the one of a car, equipped with an engine (mechanical) fitted with a single cylinder (the tourbillion). The fuel tank is guaranteed to run for 60 hours, the precision and calibre has been fitted to the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute.

The titanium case of the L.U.C Engine H measures only 44.5mm by 35mm, and the dial has been beautifully fitted with the tourbillion.

Gentlemen, if you are planning on acquire this rare timepiece, do not waste any time as there will only be a 100 of these manufactured!