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Hublot Watches in London

Gentlemen and fellow followers,


This weekend, we decided to take a cultural visit to learn more about Hublot watches. We visited the Hublot London Flagship Store in Bond Street. We wanted to learn more about the different collections that Hublot had to offer.

hublot watches


For the fellow Gentleman who wouldn’t know the brand, Hublot, was the first luxury watchmaker that combined a precious underground metal (gold) with an above ground material (rubber). From this, Hublot waches developed the “Art of Fusion”, combining exotic metals with traditional Swiss watch making practices



The store manager, a fellow gentleman, kindly took Luxurymenblog through the 3 main collections in detail:


  • The Bing Bang:


The Big Bang Collection is by far the biggest range available and holds over 130 unique and varied pieces. The “Big Bang”, introduced in November 2005 is the brand’s flagship timepiece which catapulted the brand into the most prestigious realm of watch making.


The collection combines unexpected materials including ceramic, carbon, titanium, tungsten, gold and diamonds and employ the most cutting edge technology.

Hublot Watches

Luxurymenblog’s favourite Hublot – the Big Bang Aero Bang Steel Ceramic 44mm


The Big Bang retains the original Hublot ‘porthole’ look and is available in 38mm, 41mm, 44mm, and 48mm sizes.


  • The King Power


The King Power Collection is bolder and a more striking version of the Big Bang models. The complex dials are made of several layers bringing life to the face of each watch. King Power watches are an exciting concept and at 48mm make a real statement.

Special partners of Hublot have their own designed timepieces, the latest one being of the world’s fastest man, the King Power Usain Bolt 48mm. The King Power collection uses contemporary materials including gold, ceramic, platinum and diamonds which make them stand out from the crowd of every day timepieces.

Hublot Watches

The latest King Power release – King Power Usain Bolt with only 250 pieces made



  • Classic Collection


The Hublot Classic Fusion is an evolution of the concept of the Big Bang. The art of fusion is a key principle behind the design and creation of Hublot. Classic Fusion watches feature the same technical boldness as the Big Bang collection, however with a more classical, attractive aesthetic feel to them.

Hublot Watches

The Ultra Thin Skeleton Watch by Hublot – The Classic Fusion Classico Ultra-Thin All Black 45mm


It is rare to find this type of timepiece that blends ceramic, gold, titanium, platinum and diamonds to make watches with such a stylish design. The Classic Fusion combines traditional Swiss watchmaking values with contemporary cutting edge methods.


So Gentlemen, when will you be buying your Hublot?

Miansai Anchor Bracelet for Stylish Gentlemen

Gentlemen and Fellow followers,

A few weeks ago I went out clubbing in the West End of London as I usually do every other weekend. This weekend, I noticed that all the Gentlemen that were around me were wearing very similar accessories including myself, one watch and either a bangle or a customised chain on the each wrist. I wanted to stand out from my fellow gentlemen with something more classy and elegant like the Miansai Anchor Bracelet, I’ve just discovered.


This week, I visited the famous Selfridges on Oxford St. browsing the sales and I came across the Miansai Range of Anchor bracelets by Michael Saiger. I remember this brand having featured in GQ last year but it had totally slipped my mind. His jewellery line combines vintage styles and my personal favourite is the “Silver Anchor on Blue and Red Rope” which you can see below:

 Luxury Miansai Anchor Bracelet


It goes very nicely with a smart casual look or if you are planning on having a formal meeting with new clients like I had the other day, it was a great icebreaker! I do like the range as the quality of the rope is good and the actual anchor itself is of high quality silver. There are a few ways you can wear the bracelets too, I’ve tried different combinations depending on what style I was opting for:


  • Watch vs Miansai – Chilled look: you can wear a nice summer shirt, preferably light colours or white with a pair of chinos and have a watch on one wrist and the Miansai on the other. It looks casual and can work well with a pair of boat shoes.


  • Watch vs Miansai – Suited Look: when you are preparing for that important meeting and you want a little “something” to help differentiate yourself from the rest of your colleagues and get the “that’s a nice combo” look from your peers? Try pairing up your Miansai Anchor Bracelet with your suit (preferably a similar tone of colour or if you are feeling courageous go flashy but stylish).

 Luxury Miansai bracelet and suit look

  • Watch & MiansaiSupercharged look: I’ve seen a few fellow gentlemen wearing their chains and their watches on the same arm. Although I am not a big fan of this look, I have tried this with my Achor bracelet and it does work. The silver anchor offsets the black of the watch or bronze/gold.


To date, since I’ve been wearing mine, I’ve had 2 colleagues, 3 people in clubs and 2 people in bars asking me where I had bought mine as it was an unusual piece of jewlery.

Miansai by Michael Saiger

So gentlemen and fellow followers, which Miansai Anchor Bracelet for Gentlemen will you be adopting for your Spring Summer 2013?

Gentlemen Festive Gifts – Part III


With a few days left before the big day, here are a few additional men gift ideas for your fellow gentlemen following on from our series of Gentlemen Festive Gifts Part I and Part II:

The Sound System

If you are looking for a luxury gift which is both stylish and practical then the BeoSound 8 sound system by Bang & Olufsen could be what you have been looking for.


As most gentlemen have a sophisticated devices from which they play their music (Iphone, Ipod, Ipad or computer) the BeoSound 8 sound quality is top of the line. The large speakers produce a crisp and dynamic performance.

In addition, as the sound system could be placed in different environments, the patented solution by Bang & Olufsen has advanced acoustical technology which will help adapt the audio and keep the sound clean. The speakers also come in 6 different colours for those who like to customise their luxury gadgets!

The Ipad Case

If you are looking for a smaller vintage gift then the Ipad case by Parabellum could be what you are looking for.


Made out of Bison Leather, this stylish Ipad case will protect and pimp your ipad next time you are in the boardroom leaving your fellow colleagues jealous and envious.

The sleeve and its dual function allows the owner to protect his Ipad whilst travelling (this is helped by the fact that the case is reinforced with kevlar) as well as using opening it up during meetings.

The Card Holder

The stylish card holder by Louis Vuitton is a nice little gift for your fellow gentleman.


This sophisticated card holder subtly allows you to show off your style whilst handing your business card. The nomade leather is mounted on a metallic base with a palladum finish.

The visible screws have been added to the holder as a reminder to the famous trunk, this nice finishing touch adds to the personality of the luxury card holder.

Happy shopping gentlemen!

Gentlemen Festive Gifts – Part II



It is that time of year where you have just been given the name of your fellow gentlemen to impress.

Following on from our first list of luxury gifts for men, here are a few additional
Gifts which can help you stand out during Secret Santa:

The Wallet

The elegant Bi fold wallet by Spanish luxury maker Loewe is a good choice if your looking for a vintage gift.

men gift ideas 2013

The contrasting stripe on the outside makes the luxury wallet stand out from the others, in addition it has eight card slots and two lateral compartments. The Bi fold is made out of luxury goatskin.

The Belt

If you are looking for a vintage gift for a gentleman, the leather gold-plate and palladium buckle by Gucci is a gift worth looking at.

men gift ideas 2013

Made from fine Italian leather, the belt is a fine addition to your three piece suit this winter. The antique gold and palladium colours would fit nicely on to a dark blue or grey suit.

The Briefcase

For this festive season have you thought to offer your fellow gentleman a practical gift? The Angela Gallasso snakeskin briefcase could be what you are looking for.

men gift ideas 2013

The italian fashion brand is known in the industry for its tailored and bespoke accessories and suits to make a man go beyond the classic look of his fellow gentleman.

So gentlemen which luxury gift will you be offering for secret santa?

Gentlemen – Movember



You might have noticed that your fellow gentlemen have all started to grow their moustaches. However this is no random act of nature, the month of Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces around the world.

You can register a and you can raise money for fellow gentlemen’s health.

GQ has also kindly posted a few famous gentlemen and their movembers here.

So gentlemen, how is your movember looking?

Gentlemen Festive Gifts – Part I


With the festive season upon us, it is time to start researching the exclusive men gifts ideas for our fellow gentlemen. Just to you remind you, one of the golden codes of a gentleman is to “give, without expecting anything in return”.

Starting to look at what the luxury brands are offering in terms of gifts this year, there are quite a few interesting and exclusive gifts for us gentlemen. Burburry has produced an interesting set of heritage gifts.

men gift ideas burburry gentlemen set

The Burburry Leather Card Case

men gift ideas burburry

Depending on the style of gentlemen you are, notes or cards, the classy Burburry Leather Card Case is a nice to have for your everyday going out and shopping. Available in 3 luxurious colours, black, mushroom and elderberry. Made from pure calf leather, it is both a refined and practical gift.

The Vintage Haymarket Check Wallet

Made in Italy, the Vintage Haymarket Check Wallet features the iconic Haymarket check which will make your wallet stand out in a distinguished way, at the bar or restaurant. It is finished and crafted with fine leather trimmings. As all wallets, it has space for notes and coins, and makes a timeless gift.

Brushed Cashmere Scarf

Moving away slightly from the nice to haves to the more necessary items for this winter. The luxurious Brushed Cashmere Scarf produced by Burburry is a true gentlemen’s gift for this winter. Made from 100% cashmere, the classical rectangular shape will go well with your suit.

London Leather Wallet

The London Leather Wallet is a classic from Burburry. If you are looking for a classy gift to offer your fellow gentleman this is the one. The wallet comes in two colours mushroom and black. This elegant wallet is a refined gift and features textured leather.

Owl Head Cufflinks

Gentlemen, if you are looking for that special gift that will be able to change an attire – the handcrafted Owl Head Cufflinks will do a very good job.

men gift ideas - owl cufflnks

The animal is designed by traditional techniques which makes every piece unique. The polished brass will add a different perspective to your shirt and will make you stand out in a classy way during a night out.

So gentlemen, which luxury gift will you be buying for your fellow gentleman?

Winter Classy Look – Part II


Following on from our previous post on Winter Classy Look Part I, the weather has become even colder! We discussed  the importance of choosing your luxury coat to keep you warm during these cold windy days. In addition, we looked at an accessory which will bring out your personality and add to your style, the classy scarf.

The next step to be prepared for the winter in style is to chose the right pair of classy gloves. These gloves will need to fit you and at the same time they will add to your overall look. The choice of style is important as it can make or break your look.

The Gloves

  • The Nappa Leather Gloves by Prada is a cold weather favourite. Produced from rich Italian leather finished with cashmere lining.
  • If you prefer  a more classic look but still want to keep a high feeling of luxury, the Day Glove by Mulberry. The Oak Deerskin colour  finished with subtle stitch details adds an additional touch which us Gentlemen appreciate.
  • If you’re a more practical gentlemen, then the Knit & Leather Fingerless Gloves by Ralph Lauren Black Label could be what you are looking for. The leather on the palm of the glove provides a good protection to your hands.

Another accessory that needs a lot of thought is the style of luxury winter shoe. This accessory tells a lot about you to other gentlemen you meet and can be a serious enhancement to your wardrobe and overall look.

The Winter Shoes

  • The Leather Low Boots by Dior Homme, will give away your sense of style in a classy and confident way.
  • If your looking for a winter shoe that packs some punch, the Ribbed Wool & Crust Low Boot by Dolce & Gabbana. The wool knitted top will keep your ankle warm during the ice cold morning and evenings during a night out.
  • The Authentic Vintage 6 inch Boot by Timberland is a must have for this winter. Still a classic winter shoe. The Timberland boot is a gentlemen must have if you’re planning a trip skiing.

Gentlemen, what winter luxury style will you be going for this weekend?